Famous And Fun Attractions To Visit In Charlotte NC

There are 166 top attractions listed for Charlotte NC on a popular travel review site. That is just what’s listed, as you can imagine there is plenty more to do. That’s still quite a lot, even for a big city like Charlotte, and just wait until you hear the details. You’re going to have so much fun, and you know you have a ton more to do when you come back around and visit Charlotte NC again.

The Billy Graham Library is the top attraction in Charlotte. I’ve always wanted to visit Asheville, North Carolina, too, because if you don’t know, that is the home of Billy Graham. Charlotte is also his home, childhood home, and there is a live nativity scene there according to reviews. It would be a neat place to visit and learn about the life of Billy Graham, who is still alive in his 90s and living in Asheville.

The next attraction to visit is BB&T Ballpark and what a place to see. It is where you can catch a Charlotte Knights game, and that sounds like the most fun to me. You’re talking minor league baseball without all the major league fan fare. You’re just a family having fun watching an evening game at the ballpark, enjoying the cheap classic American concessions and smiling from ear to ear. That’s the way I see it anyway, don’t you?

So what else are you going to get yourself into as you explore the city of Charlotte? Remember, there are 166 attractions, and you have been told only two so far, granted the top two. Let’s rattle off a few more quickly so that you can get excited. There is the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Freedom Park and the Carolinas Aviation Museum. If you’re looking for an amusement park, Carowinds is your spot.

If you’re up for a wild outdoors adventure, you can go river rafting. Or, you could go tubing, canoeing or kayaking. The Old Mecklenburg Brewery and the Time Warner Cable Arena also seem like really cool places to visit. Doesn’t Charlotte already seem like something much fun? I’m not going to leave you hanging there though. Before you start planning your trip to Charlotte NC, make a note of three more attractions. They are Romare Bearden Park, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center and Lake Norman. Now you can go ahead and get to planning.