Enjoy These Charlotte NC Restaurants While You Are On Vacation

Charlotte is a thriving city in North Carolina, one of the best. Part of Mecklenburg County, it houses the Bank of America headquarters, tons of landmark attractions, delightful restaurants and a welcoming population. Let’s focus on the restaurants because you’re surely going to need to stop somewhere and eat.

You don’t want to end up at the worst rated establishment in town, so you have to know the top rated restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina to avoid the dilemma.

With almost a million residents, how many restaurants do you think serve the population? Currently, there is just shy of 2,000 restaurants in the city. The Fig Tree Restaurant is #1 and is located on E 7th Street, and it is known for its elk chops, bread, delicious salads and more. Carpe Diem Restaurant & Caterers is the next restaurant, and it is known for its fried chicken. Notice that this restaurant caters as well, although you don’t need those services if you’re vacationing in Charlotte.

At #3 is Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, and you know what is going to be served up there. You need a good burger spot for sure. Now let’s look at the 4th ranked restaurant in Charlotte, which is the Midwood Smokehouse. This is Charlotte’s premier barbecue restaurant, and it is located in Central Avenue, known for its brisket.

What is #5 going to be? It certainly has an interesting name that goes right along with the interesting cuisine it serves. It is a sushi bar, specifically The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar. What an interesting combination. Make sure you grab some sweet potato fries while you’re there. Pinky’s Westside Grill on Morehead Street looks just as interesting, and you can get fried pickles, crab puppies and all sorts of great food there.

Viva Chicken brings you South American cuisine, featuring plantains, stuffed avocados, infused rice and much more. You have been given the top five restaurants plus two more, but hey, that is only seven. If you’re going to be on vacation, perhaps rounding out the top ten list would give you more to choose from. In that case, you want to stop by Zen Asian Fusion, Price’s Chicken Coop and The Original Pancake House. That last mention covers you for breakfast so you are good to go as you explore Charlotte, North Carolina and make memories. It is time to get hungry.